Rio Mare


Our commitment

Where there is quality, there is responsibility

The reputation of a company and its brands is built on the excellence of its products but also on the sensitivity it demonstrates towards environmental and social issues. We work tirelessly in this area and will continue to do so. Find out more >

  • Environment

    Bolton Alimentari has always been highly concerned for the environment, thus its commitment to the responsible management of natural resources and improving its results using increasingly efficient technology and processes in order to diminish its environmental impact.
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  • People

    With their culture, dedication and motivation, people are the drivers of society, the true engine of development, the most important assets a company has. Working conditions and the safeguarding of the health and safety of our people is one of our priorities.
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  • Community

    For Bolton Alimentari it is vitally important to consider the requirements of the community in which it works. This also translates into a commitment to disseminating the principles of a correct and healthy diet.
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  • Supply chain

    The world of canned fish is distinctive for its long and complex supply chain: tuna is fished in all of the oceans between the tropics, and the various processing phases involve multiple entities, each of which represents a part of the global concept of Quality.
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