Rio Mare


Our Principles and Commitments

Bolton Alimentari is aware that eating responsibly can improve the lives of individuals and the wellbeing of society.


  • We believe that our company, as a food company, must encourage and push consumers to improve their choices in terms of their diets and lifestyles;
  • We believe that to achieve these goals we need to have a close partnership and association with established nutritional bodies and institutional entities in order to identify best practices.


  • We pledge to maintain a close relationship with established research institutes, accredited nutritionists and doctors and cooking schools in order to promote and provide more information on the culture of healthy eating and to understand how we can improve our products;
  • We pledge to support our scientific partners (e.g. the Nutrition Foundation of Italy) in the development of studies and research on the beneficial dietary effects of our basic ingredients (e.g. fish, olive oil etc.) and our products;
  • We pledge, through our newsletter, to communicate the nutritional benefits of fish and our products to consumers and to provide key information on the best dietary habits and lifestyles;
  • We pledge, through our packaging, our communication materials and websites, to explain the nutritional qualities and benefits of our products;
  • We pledge to develop local initiatives to improve the culture of consumers as regards the nutritional properties of fish and our products.