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Responsible Quality expresses a concept pursued right along the supply chain, from when the fish is caught until to the moment it arrives on our tables.

Responsible quality

Well aware of its responsibility to people and the environment, Bolton Alimentari has become extremely sensitive towards sustainability issues. For this reason, in 2011 it decided to publish its “Responsible Quality” Corporate Social Responsibility programme; “Responsible Quality” expresses a concept of all-round quality responsibly pursued right along the supply chain, from when the fish is caught through to the moment it arrives on our tables. A choice that has confirmed and strengthened the company’s commitment to social and environmental issues over the years and which indicates the path along which it will continue to develop.
The 7 areas of “Responsible Quality” in which the company has focused its efforts are:

  • Tuna fishing and protecting the ecosystem
  • Respect for the environment
  • Respect for people
  • The traceability of products
  • The choice and management of raw materials
  • Analyses and controls
  • Nutrition and wellbeing.

As concrete proof of its commitment to its stakeholders and the notion of transparent dialogue, in 2011 Bolton Alimentari published its first Sustainability Report.
Download the Sustainability Report

“In our role as market leader we are faced with the challenge and the duty to explore new ways of making our company more sustainable;- explains Ernesto Trovamala, CEO of Bolton Alimentari -“We are proud of this first step, which rationalises the work we have done in recent years, but we understand that it is just the first step towards the construction of a business that is increasingly aligned with the values expressed by culture and social sensibilities“.
In December 2011 the “Responsible Quality” Corporate Social Responsibility programme was verified by external certification body DNV Business Assurance.
Download the DNV certification document