Rio Mare

Supply chain

Our Principles and Commitments

The care and the attentiveness that goes into the choice of raw materials underpins the qualitative excellence of Bolton Alimentari. At its heart is the thoroughness of the choices made in all of the processing phases.


  • We believe that the Quality of products is based on the use of natural, high quality ingredients;
  • We believe it is necessary to completely involve our suppliers in order to achieve and maintain constantly high levels of quality;
  • We believe it is necessary to carry out a supplier selection process as well as strict and stringent controls on the most important and critical suppliers;
  • We believe that priority should be given to suppliers that have certification in the areas of quality, environmental respect and the safety of people.


  • We pledge to enact a supply policy for all raw materials and ingredients used that suppliers must respect along with our technical specifications;
  • We pledge to prioritise the use of raw materials with a low level of waste and a short supply chain;
  • We pledge to develop and constantly improve our annual supplier monitoring plan;
  • We pledge to employ more suppliers with certification (quality, respect for the environment, security and people).