Rio Mare
  • First appearance of the breadstick, in black
    and white

    In the midst of an economic boom, Italians seek modernity and practicality including at the table, but without compromising on quality and flavour. Rio Mare hits the bull’s eye straight away! Beginning with the famous pink can, which over the years will become the most beloved in Italy. The canned tuna in olive oil is launched, evoking the aromas of the sea and breaking new ground in terms of its tender but firm texture: so tender that you can cut it with a breadstick!

    Our 1960’s


    1965  Trinity Alimentari, now named Bolton Alimentari, is founded and what would become the largest tuna processing plant in Europe is built in Cermenate, Como.
    1966  The Rio Mare brand is born together with its most famous product, canned tuna in olive oil.
    1969  First advertising campaign with the famous claim “Rio Mare, so tender that you can cut it with a breadstick”, which ensures its success.

  • Breadsticks now
    in colour

    Rio Mare quality tuna becomes a regular product on the family shopping list, stored away in cupboards and tucked in picnic hampers. In pasta or salads? Doesn’t matter. What counts is the delicious flavour, loved by children and adults alike. Rio Mare becomes a brand leader on the Italian market and begins to make a name for itself overseas.

    Our 1970’s


    1970   Rio Mare becomes the brand leader on the Italian market.
    1978   Greece becomes the first country to distribute Rio Mare outside Italy.

  • Italians and
    Rio Mare tuna

    Rio Mare responds to the need to give tuna new flavours. Rio Mare tuna in brine and Rio Mare tuna in extra virgin olive oil are launched. Italian habits change: more time spent outside the house, less time spent in the kitchen. To resist the monotony of the same old dishes, Rio Mare launches its creative Insalatissime line.

    Our 1980’s


    1986   First Rio Mare Insalatissime advertising campaign.
    1987   The “Open Seas” tuna in olive oil campaign becomes the most memorable and broadcast advertising campaign.

  • The breadstick comes alive

    Watchword: fish is healthy. Plenty of noble proteins, small quantities of excellent quality fat. These include the precious Omega 3, especially abundant in salmon and mackerel as well as tuna. Rio Mare satisfies both gourmets and the health conscious. with its new products: Salmon Fillets and Mackerel Fillets. Rio Mare Snack (now Pâté) is launched, the first fish-based spread in a tube: a snack-time revolution.

    Our 1990’s


    1992   Launch of Rio Mare Salmon Fillets.
    1996   Launch of Rio Mare Snack which later becomes Rio Mare Pâté.

  • Yellowfin Quality

    To the irresistible rhythm of “Voulez-vous Paté avec moi?”, Rio Mare Paté becomes a market leader. The quest for authenticity and innovation distinguish the new products created for increasingly refined palates: hand-processed and pressure cooked “Rio Mare Tuna Loins”, and “Rio Mare Tuna Steak”.

    Our 2000’s


    2000   In terms of communications, the memorable claim “Voulez-vous Paté avec moi?” is pitched and “Rio Mare Tuna Steak” is launched: flavour and firm texture thanks a special pressure cooking method.
    2003   Launch of the “Rio Mare Tuna Loins”.
    2009   Rio Mare is one of the founder members of the ISSF (International Seafood Foundation -, a non-profit organisation whose goals are: the sustainability of tuna fishing, the reduction of bycatch and safeguarding the marine ecosystem.  

  • The tuna loved by the whole family

    Rio Mare launches the “Responsible Quality” project, highlighting its commitment towards respect for the environment and people all along the supply chain. Sustainable fishing and the protection of the marine ecosystem are at the core of this commitment, demonstrated by the launch of Rio Mare Pole & Line. The result of technological research, Rio Mare Leggero is launched, the first tuna in oil that doesn’t require draining, with 30% less fat.

    2010 - present


    2011   Rio Mare publishes its first “Responsible Quality” sustainability report.
    2012   Technology evolves and “Rio Mare Leggero” is launched, all the flavour of tuna in oil with 30% less fat.
    Today   In Europe and across the world Rio Mare is the high quality Italian brand that combines flavour and wellbeing, reliable, safe, innovative and ideal for those that are attentive to their diets.